Breakout Sessions

Day 1 November 22, 2018

15:01 – 17:00
Breakout / Concurrent Thematic Sessions

Session 1
River Ecosystem Rehabilitation

Session 2
Integrated Water Resources Management: International Experience

Session 3
Water Security in Today’s Evolving River Environment

Session 4
Infrastructure Development: Sustainable Utilization of our River Resources

Session 5
Science, Research, Technology. Transeferring Knowledge to Action: The Cases of Academic and Higher Education

Hall 1, Building A

Day 2 November 23, 2018

13:30 – 17:00
Breakout / Concurrent Thematic Sessions

Session 6
Local Governance in River Management: Sustainable Practices that Work

Session 7
Changing Climate: Environmental Variability and the Challenges of Disaster Risk Reduction in Riverine Communities

Session 8
Advancing Policy Advocacy of CSO-Initiated Coalitions through Payments of Environmental Services of Rivers

Session 9
Evidence-Based Solutions for River Degradation

Session 10
Multi-stakeholder Efforts for the Rehabilitation of the Butuanon River

Sta. Maria Ballroom Radisson Blu